Free Ring Sizers

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Ring Sizing

Found your dream Lily Arkwright moissanite or lab grown diamond engagement ring and unsure of your ring finger size? Don't despair, we're here to help.

Our plastic multisize ring gauge is ideal for self finger sizing. The multisizer works like a belt, forming a ring which is then placed over the finger and adjusted to give a comfortable fit.

Simply read off the indicated size, this multisizer is marked with British Ring Sizes A-Z and is perfect for those that do not use UK ring sizers as standard or those that are unsure of their size.

Extra Small or Extra Large

We offer UK ring sizes as standard between sizes F to S. If you require an extra small or extra large size outside of this range simply select "Request Size" when adding your product to cart.

We offer all our rings in half sizes for your convenience, when two sizes seem to fit equally we always recommend you opt for the larger size.

Planning a Surprise?

You've spoken with your partners friends and family and you still can't find their correct ring size. Perhaps you want to keep your proposal a surprise, does your partner have any existing jewellery that they wear on their opposite hand?

In these cases we suggest trying on one of their rings and mark exactly where it fits on your finger. You can then utilise our ring sizer to measure the exact size.

Sizing Help

Your ring finger size can fluctuate throughout the day. We always recommend taking your ring finger size in the morning, afternoon and evening to ensure you record your accurate size. Daily temperature fluctuations can cause your fingers to swell during the summer and reduce in the winter.


Our dedicated customer care team are on hand to assist you with any ring finger sizing and product queries. Simply drop us a line on +44 (0)161 537 6773 or alternatively email us at

Free Resizing

Rest assured, If for any reason your Lily Arkwright engagement ring does't fit perfectly once received we offer a complementary free ring size within the first 30 days of purchase (from the day of delivery). Its important to us that your ring is perfect and is a comfortable fit.